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Company Info
Miroglio Textiles Usa
Miroglio Group is a leading Italian fashion and textile company with 12,000 employees, and 46 operations in 32 countries. Every year, Miroglio Group manufactures 20 million units of clothes, 20 million kilos of yarn, 30 million metres of fabrics, 25 million metres of transfer paper, distributing them to over 12,500 businesses and to millions of consumers, through a sale network of 2,000 stores and with partnerships with some of the major department stores in the world.
Company Address
1430 Broadway 4th floor
New York
New York
Contact Information
Email address
(212) 382-2609
(212) 382-2020
Join Reason
We are an American company that is an American branch of an Italian company
Other Information
Italian and English
more than 500
Privately Held

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